What Is Fashion? Fashion Redefined to Mean More Than “Vogue”

Fashion is for Every Woman!

Today fashion encompasses more than what is worn on the runways of New York City during Fashion Week, or what is in the recent Vogue magazine. What is fashion – Fashion is for EVERY woman! Every women has a desire to be fashionable whether they act on that desire or not. This desire to look better can be snuffed out because the world of fashion is such a big industry. There are so many styles and options, where would one start? What clothing should I buy? Should I wear the “in” style? I couldn’t possibly look fashionable, because I don’t have the body of the women in the magazines.

I have a confession to make, I had the same questions and I was intimidated by fashion. I looked at magazines picturing beautiful women, that looked amazing, and were flawless. These women represented what beauty was for me, and the harder I tried to attain this beauty the emptier I felt. As a women, I desire to be both beautiful and fashionable, but those two words created fear, uncertainty, and confusion. Woman want to feel confident, satisfied, and desirable, yet so many of us are living lives that are less than what they could be, because we are not embracing the woman we were created to be; instead we’re trying to be someone else.

Embracing Who I Am

I was trying to squeeze myself into another woman’s body, another woman’s style, and another woman’s beauty. As I looked at myself and started to embrace my unique body, style and beauty, the fear, uncertainty and confusion were slowly replaced with confidence! What surprised me was this new confidence was not solely in how I viewed my outer appearance, but it was infused in ALL areas of my life.

As I changed and simplified how I saw fashion, I was able to enter the fashion world and create a unique and personal style that represented ME! If you’re curious, read on to see how I redefined the words to make it easier to enter this overwhelming world:

  • Fashion – What clothing can I wear that will bring out my BEST features, and will make me look good and feel good.
  • Style – The “look” I feel most comfortable and confident in.
  • Body Shape – God designed me with a certain shape, and if I am at a healthy weight no amount of exercise and dieting will change my bone structure to something different.
  • Beauty – Being able to accept and embrace all that God has designed me to be, inwardly and outwardly!

Using Fashion As A Tool

I have always loved fashion, but for a long time I went about looking good in all the wrong ways! I now use fashion as a tool to reflect my inner beauty, character, and personality to others through my outward appearance. You can too! Find, accept and embrace who you are, and then dress to bring out your BEST through fashion and style! Find clothes that look good and feel good, find a style that you feel confident and comfortable emulating, and allow your inner beauty to shine through your outer appearance!

What is fashion? Fashion is creating a wardrobe with clothing you love – clothes that makes you feel good, look good, and give you confidence – you will SHINE! People will look at you differently, treat you differently, and see you in a new light. A light that says, “She cares about herself! She knows and is confident in who she is! She will make a difference in this world!” If you didn’t know already, you were created to make a difference! What are you waiting for? Go light up your world!

By: Torrie Chizek

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