10 Reasons Why Real Estate Professionals Make More Money Using Videos to Market Property

As videos become more extensive across the web, innovative real estate professionals have begun using them to increase their marketing potential. For the most part, putting the time and dedication into making a quality video tour has financially paid off for these people. Knowing the effectiveness of video tours, here are ten reasons why real estate professionals make more money with the help of videos:- Video gets stronger responses from people versus text and photos.- Video lets you literally demonstrate benefits and key features of a property in real-time while text and photos only allow you to describe and show them.- Video tours provide people who need to relocate a more realistic perspective of living in the property, thus giving them a better feel and experience compared to just text and photos.- Video allows you to be much more creative and personal in your marketing tactics when compared to photos and text.- If potential buyers had a choice between watching a descriptive and informative video tour or reading text and looking at photos, most would pick the video.- Videos provide an open house that you can show to everyone at anytime, which saves you money from driving people to and from listings.- Viewing real estate in a video is much more believable than reading about it in text or seeing it in photos, which are known to be manipulated easily.- Publishing video tours on real estate video sites give potential buyers a premier experience in your property, which helps get you more offers.- Video allows you to literally walk potential buyers through your entire sales pitch in the way you want them to, unlike photos and text where they are more likely to skim and skip around .- Your competition is less willing to utilize video tours compared to text and photos, which allows you to have a distinct advantage in your market.

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